This section will cover the second part of the Pragmatic Programmers’ Agile Web Development with Rails. The intention of this section is to fortify my Rails skills by writing down how I acknowledged what the book tried to pass on. I have a created a Git repository for this experience, which can be found here.

For the sake of easy navigation, here’s the table of contents of each chapter reviewed:

  1. Task A: Product Maintenance
  2. Task B: Catalog Display
  3. Task C: Cart Creation
  4. Task D: Add a Dash of AJAX
  5. Task E: Check Out!
  6. Task F: Administration
  7. Task G: One Last Wafer-Thin Change
  8. Task T: Testing
  9. Extra: Integrating Customers

The goal is to build a simple online store application using simple Rails concepts, hope you can learn something from them.

See ya!