I recently acquired a 13″ MacBookPro which I currently work on combined with a 19″ monitor that was used on my desktop machine. Working with double screens is really awesome aside the fact that I manage to lose the mouse pointer all the time and that I forget to switch apps before executing commands (causing some colateral damage), but things will get better once I get more used to it.
My desktop computer also has a full work environment on a Ubuntu install case the MBP melts down, but since that’s unlikely to happen I use it only for gaming and mass file storage (can’t just leave aside 750GB of space).
Aside the huge hassle of installing MySQL with Homebrew and having to manually create a root user, getting everything set on the Mac was quite easy, that is, after having to download and install XCode, of course.


On my desktop days I was a huge fan of a recent project called RedCar, which is a very light editor extremely similar to TextMate, which I now use on the Mac. I didn’t choose to stick with RedCar (since it works on all OSs) due to the fact that it crashed some times for unknown reasons, so I prefer to stick with TextMate until it’s further developed. I think the feature I liked the most about it was the Ruby syntax correction plugin, which isn’t all that relevant but avoids problems due to mistypes.

Recently I started reading some stuff on MacRuby and use XCode along with Interface Builder for it. Since everything related to Mac development integrates so well with those tools, I see no reason not to use them.


My terminal is the same as it was shipped since I haven’t found the need to add any modifications to it yet, but I’m sure that’s because I haven’t come across anything that would make me feel the urge to change it.


Like most people, Chrome for common usage and Firefox for debugging/other development reasons (especially AJAX). I even gave Firebug for Chrome a try but it was crap, but like it or not, Chrome is way faster so I’m sticking with it.


Four applications open at startup: Chrome, Twitter (the Twitter Mac app), Adium and Skype. I eventually use Office for Mac and this free app from the App Store called Remind Me Later, which is really simple and useful.
I browse the Mac App Store almost every day to find something that I truly need, and aside from the two already mentioned, I haven’t found others cool enough to be worth the cost.

Source Code

Not much to say, Git/GitHub for the win. I guess that’s expected from a Rails dev nowadays, huh.


Besides not liking it much, I use iTunes since I can’t use Winamp on the Mac, but I guess (and hope) it’s a matter of getting used to.

Being a huge fan of psychedelic trance, I check out almost every day (for the last 3 years) to see if anything new comes out worthy enough to get in my music selection, which, by the way, is being shared with almost 20 people through Dropbox, which in turn share their favorites too.

Since this blog post was suggested to me by @mauriciojr, I now pass it on to @diofeher, @jeffersongirao and @flaviogranero.